Timeline of EDP Group History

Events that have shaped EDP over the years:

2009 Launch of full Quantum VS integrated software suite.
2006 Acquisition of Vecta, the leading developer of Sales Intelligence tools.
2000's Delivery of discrete Quantum VS tools for eBusiness, Business Intelligence and integration projects, plus Financial Ledgers and SQL DBMS model.

Launch of Quantum VS project.

Construction of our centralised technology facility in Milton Keynes, anticipating demand for hosted services.
1990's Development of UniVision™ DBMS and acquisition of BML, BCT and Disys Associates.
1980's Development of the MERCHANT software solution, designed specifically for distributors and wholesalers.
1970's Early software applications development using Cobol and DB using the PICK data model.
1965 Established in Sheffield UK to supply computer bureau services.