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Electronic Development Feedback Request Form (DFR) for CHARISMA

We are always keen to receive your ideas on how we may make CHARISMA even better. If you wish to contribute your feedback, or if you have a great new idea for CHARISMA, please let us know by completing the following DFR form.

Step 1 - Customer Details
Company Name:
Contact Name in Full:
Position/Job Title:
Telephone No:
Email Address:
Date DFR Raised:

Step 2 - CHARISMA Application Details
Machine Type: (See Sales Agreement)
CHARISMA Release: (Find from your CHARISMA menu)
Cobol Version: (Type cobrun at the Unix prompt)
Program / Report Name:

Step 3 - Development Option
I am suggesting an enhancement. Full details are completed below.
I am having difficulty with a reporting program.
Output examples and errors (if any) are completed below.
I am having difficulty with a non-reporting program.
Error messages (if any) are completed below.
There was an 'Error Message'. Full details are completed below.

Step 4 - Development Feedback
Please detail your query giving as much information as you can. If you are reporting a difficulty, please indicate all the steps you have taken, including the 'Menu' choice, keystrokes, options and any other factors that will help us to reproduce it.

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