Protect your business from disaster

In the event of a server 'disaster', such as theft, vandalism, fire, flood or data hacking, would you still be 'open for business'?

However unlikely the possibility of a server disaster may seem, can you afford to risk losing your data, with your servers down for any length of time? Lost time can mean lost customers, lost revenue, lost profits or even loss of the business itself.

EDP's Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Service

EDP's Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity services are designed to protect you against the unforeseen events at your premises. We can host your mission-critical applications in the event of a disaster, enabling you to recover and operate your business with minimum disruption.
This means that key workers can access your IT system from virtually any location and continue working within a very short space of time.

Protection for Your Business:

  • Robust, scalable, remote replication solutions
  • Ensures fast recovery from disasters by providing access to key business systems
  • Minimise your exposure to data loss at an affordable cost
  • Mitigates risk to keep control over insurance premiums
  • No upfront capital investment required

Our Service Covers:

  • Core business application servers
  • Mail servers
  • File servers
  • Other application servers

EDP's Online Backup service also ensures you can recover all your business documents and data stored on your staff's desktops and laptops.

We offer three levels of service: Bronze, Silver and Gold, tailored to meet your requirement and budget. We provide tiered storage platforms, software, and services that ensure high availability and robust data protection, designed to help you survive a disaster and continue your business operations with the minimum disruption.

(48 hour response time)   (24 hour response time)   (Dedicated DR Service)
Server(s) will be ready to be loaded within 48 hours.
  • £80 per month plus £30 ADSL (if required) for 8 users.
  • 1 day setup: £792.
  • Additional users charged: £50 per month per 8 users.
  Server(s) will be ready to be loaded within 24 hours.
  • 110 per month plus 30 ADSL (if required) for 8 users.
  • 1.5 days setup: 1,188.
  • Additional users charged: 55 per month per 8 users.
EDP's Online Backup service (to include 50GB data on any 4 Windows devices).
  A dedicated DR service will always be available and will include EDP's Online Backup service to include 100GB data for 8 devices.
  • From £165 per month plus £30 ADSL (if required) for 8 users.
  • 2 days setup: £1,584.
  • Annual review: £792.
  • Additional users: £60
    per month per 8 users.
  • Customer can rotate
    data saves with the hosting centre on a daily or weekly basis.
      The service will be available for up to 30 days per DR 'event' thereafter, a supplementary fee will be levied.

Further devices may be added to the remote back-up service from 5 each, per month.

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