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People inevitably make mistakes and equipment does fail. Regular backups of your data are essential but how robust are your systems and procedures?

The importance of having an effective data backup regime is crucial in any business, large or small. In case of an emergency, there must be regular backups of your transaction data held off-site and unless your staff adhere to a strict backup regime as well, then they also risk losing critical data too.

Most businesses now employ email servers, file servers and applications servers, storing data in multiple formats, ranging from Microsoft Word documents, to SQL databases. Plus staff may have other important documents and spreadsheets stored on desktop and laptop PC's.

Data may be lost:

  • Following a software, hardware or operating system failure
  • In the event of a disaster, such as fire, flood, vandalism or theft
  • If you are a victim of data hacking or other malicious 'cyber attack'
  • If mobile equipment is lost or stolen
  • If insufficient tapes or other devices are used in the rotation cycle
  • If tapes, USB sticks and/or other back-up media fail

Such events can affect any server, desktop or laptop PC that isn't covered by an appropriate and disciplined back-up procedure, including off-site storage of suitable media. Despite the fact that losing valuable business documents and data can be extremely costly and damaging to a business, many remain exposed to these threats.

Email: Security & Access

New research shows that access to email is considered business critical for small and mid-sized enterprises - it has become the predominant way of communicating. Despite this growing reliance on email however, only one in ten SMEs (11%) can access emails if their Exchange server fails or is affected by disaster (fire, flood etc). Therefore, 89% of SMEs have no way of accessing emails should they suffer a serious server failure.

The Safe, secure, low-cost solution

EDP's Online Backup service will securely encrypt and automatically backup all your files, databases and emails stored on Windows servers, desktops and laptops, to our secure off-site servers at our data centre - giving you peace of mind.

  • No more human error, backup tapes or USB sticks, just a secure and automated service that ensures you can recover those documents and data that are vital to your business.
  • You can retrieve individual files or restore the entire system, as required. In the event of a server failure, you can restore your backup files instantly to another device, allowing employees to continue working.

Security: Encrypted Data

Online Backup uses 256-bit encryption so there is no risk that the data can be accessed by anyone without permission as the customer holds the encryption key.

Automation: Removes Human Error

No more remembering to replace the backup tape or take the removable drive off-site. Online Backup automatically stores your data every day and sends a daily summary of completed jobs.

Accessing your Data

Accessing your data is simple and secure through the local backup client installed on your servers and/or desktops, so you have total control of your backed up data.

The Complete Service

  • An automated process ensuring regular reliable backups
  • Eliminates the need for tape-based backups or USB sticks to be taken off-site
  • No up-front capital investment required
  • £50 per month for up to 8 devices (max 10GB per device)
  • Additional storage & devices from £5 per month

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