Business Intelligence & Decision Support

Quantum VS myViewpoint is the ultimate graphical Business Intelligence and Decision Support solution, delivering to managers a personalised, 360 degree view of all their business operations.

Delivering on-demand, an in-depth insight into your business operations, Quantum VS myViewpoint maximises the value of your information assets, helping you make sense of the growing volume and complexity of transaction data. This enables you to review and measure performance in new ways, uncovering previously hidden patterns and relationships that help answer the questions what, when, where, whom, how and why?

By connecting every manager and decision maker to the business and its strategy, they can monitor, manage and analyse business data and business performance. Quantum VS myViewpoint empowers you to confidently drive business performance forward, ensuring that business agility and responsiveness is translated into customer focused service.

Understand the detailed Business Intelligence driving your results:

  • Improve revenue and profits by identifying trends and establishing performance alerts.
  • Align people and processes with business objectives and goals.
  • Share information with managers for increased accountability.
  • Reduce costs through more effective, agile and responsive management.
  • Improve customer loyalty by delivering superior customer care and service.

Expand your vision across the whole organisation

From Purchasing Analysis to Financial Monitoring, access Business Intelligence throughout your organisation:

  • Unlock & understand the massive knowledge value hidden within raw transaction data.
  • Transform complex transaction data into fact-based, personalised business knowledge, delivered on demand, in an easily consumable format.
  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & measure actual results against organisational goals and targets.
  • Reduce costs through more effective, agile and responsive management.
  • Capitalise on information about customers, suppliers, products, services and more.
  • Connect every manager & decision maker to the business & its strategy.
  • Monitor, analyse & investigate on demand, and take action.
Better margins, happier customers, improved supplier performance, stock in the right place at the right time, improved cash flow management. Any one of these wins alone would justify our investment in myViewpoint - together they make it totally indispensable.

Shane O'Neill
Sales Director
The One Group

Quantum VS myViewpoint has transformed the way that we manage our business. We now provide our depot managers with real-time information, profiled precisely to their needs relating to branch performance, from sales through to inventory management. The software supports our perpetual physical inventory (PPI) control system which plays a major part in the setup of our depots.

Simon Jones
IT Manager
Alloway Timber Ltd