Sell online and service your customers by deploying an extensible, fully scalable, integrated eBusiness solution.

Quantum VS eBusiness is designed to help you improve customer service and build, manage and deliver your company's unique portfolio, anytime, anywhere.

Online Account Enquiries

Quantum VS eBusiness & Content Management System (CMS) allows you to first start by publishing discrete elements to your existing website to improve customer service. By placing account information online, your customers have fast access to online account enquiries, where they may view Statements, Invoice History, Outstanding Orders, Record Card and their Debt Status.


In order to leverage existing investment in your Quantum VS Product Catalogue, Quantum VS is fully integrated allowing you to place it online, providing a true end-to-end e-business facility for both account and cash transactions.

By exploiting "publish once - sell anywhere" business techniques, customer relationship management will improve, replacing repetitive, expensive and inconsistent sales methodology.

Company examples using Quantum VS eBusiness include:
Lynas Foodservice, John George, Rosefox Paper, Woodstock Leabank (Office Furniture), Enfield Electrical , Edwardes Bros, Toolex, J T Dove...

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Improved SEO

Responsive Designed Web Pages: Websites that configure themselves to be mobile friendly and viewed on various devices (smartphones, tablets, PC's etc) are ranked higher by Google, than those that do not.

Blog: A Blog provides the ideal platform to build engagement with your page visitors. You want to develop a relationship with your visitors, so they come to view you as the industry authority. A blog is an excellent content and SEO tactic that allows websites to build their brand, traffic, and reputation. Target various keywords and build appropriate content around them and increase your Google SEO ranking.

Social Media Links: Inclusion of Facebook/Twitter 'Share a page' icons on every product page promotes sharing of your pages on social networks, improving your SEO ranking.

Keywords: Promote your products/pages in Google. Google will index your pages and serve them up to keyword related searches. Quantum VS eBusiness features enhanced options to promote your pages with content rich keywords, descriptive titles and, product keyword URL's (slug).

Drive Down Business Operating Costs

  • Reduced Staff Levels:
    Allow your customers to place orders directly on your system and obtain fast, accurate account information (ie; invoice history, record card, outstanding orders etc) without operator intervention and expensive tele-sales resources.
  • Reduced Printing Costs:
    With your up-to-date and comprehensive Products and Services catalogue now on-line, printing costs can be reduced.
  • Reduced Transaction Charges:
    With an estimated 20% of a businesses turnover resulting from 80% of its' sales transactions, e-business enables these low value sale transactions to be processed cost effectively, in less time and with fewer resources.
Key Benefits
  • Improved Customer Service
    Manage your product information in one place and provide both staff and customers access to rich product content including dynamic pricing, images, videos and other marketing collateral.
  • Reduced Customer Queries
    Reduce the volume of account queries you receive and enable your accounts staff to focus on more productive tasks. Reduce the volume of product and pricing queries so that your sales people can concentrate on selling.
  • New Sales and Marketing Channel
    Join the eBusiness community through your new sales channel and publish products, prices and services over the internet.
From a marketing perspective, the online system has been a major boost. Customer awareness of our complete product range has grown dramatically. Many customers admitted that they spent as little as 5 minutes reading our printed catalogue, but could spend up to 15 minutes looking at new products each time they visit the site.
The live link to our Special Price tables is excellent and has also enabled us to offer "web specials" across our range to encourage cross-selling.

Alastair Magee
Managing Director
Lynas Foodservice Ltd

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