Business Document & Data Exchange

Under increasing pressure to reduce costs by trading electronically with all supply chain partners, businesses are being challenged to leverage existing IT systems without disruption, making core business processes available to customers and suppliers anytime, anywhere.

Electronic Business Document & Data Exchange

The Quantum VS XML Highway module provides seamless integration, enabling businesses of all sizes to electronically exchange & archive business documents and/or data - cost effectively. This module may also be used to exchange information with other internal information systems within your organisation, across any platform, enabling low-cost systems integration.

Quantum VS XML Highway can be used to exchange electronic documents with your suppliers and customers, regardless of I.T. platform or data format. Whether using industry-standards, such as an established EDI format, structured XML data, or even CSV text files, this module facilitates data transformation and validation procedures for truly seamless integration, whilst ensuring data integrity.

Multiple transport mechanisms are supported, from simple e-mail to VPN and highly encrypted, secure networks, via which data can be either automatically delivered or collected. So whatever systems and networks you need to communicate with, Quantum VS XML Highway will support your requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Strengthen trading partner relations; share documents with customers and suppliers.
  • Close integration with the core Quantum VS product.
  • Use existing messaging infrastructure.
  • Avoid being tethered to proprietary products and relationships.

Key Features

  • Setup an unlimited number of trading partnerships for exchanging electronic documents and data.
  • Send and receive Purchase Orders, Order Acknowledgements, Order Despatch Notifications, Quotations, Sales Invoices, Sales Credits, Statements...
  • Send documents electronically as data or PDF's.
  • Security and accuracy of document data content.
  • Drives down document production and partner processing costs, optimizing business document exchange processes.
  • Reduce operating costs eliminating expensive manual data entry, stationery and postage.
  • Greater business agility, quickly integrating new partners.
  • Easy systems integration following mergers or acquisitions.
  • Uses the Internet - low cost universally available communication.
  • Six + years document archiving meeting statutory requirements.

More information:

For more information on EDP's integrated e-Document solution, allowing you to exchange electronic documents with both your suppliers and customers, please email or tel: 0114 262 2032.

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Six business documents; Order Acknowledgements, Order Despatch Notifications, Sales Invoices, Sales Credits and Statements are setup and processed by the e-Document solution, converted to PDF format & sent out as email attachments.
By automating what were previously labour intensive, error-prone and time consuming tasks, EDP's integrated e-Document solution has significantly reduced our labour and postage costs, improved information quality and accelerated The One Groupís processes across all six of our businesses.

Shane O'Neill
Sales Director
The One Group

Quantum VS has enabled us to achieve our long-held ambition to receive electronic supplier invoices straight into our Purchase Ledger without manual intervention. We are only 3 months into this project but we are already receiving over half of our supplier invoices in this way.
Quantum VS has enabled us to streamline our business processes and realise significant efficiency savings and we are now driving hard to get the rest of our suppliers to trade with us electronically.

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