Inventory & Purchasing Management

Controlling stock levels and cost of stock purchases is essential to keep your business moving forward. Quantum VS will help deliver improved accuracy, staff productivity and greater business process efficiency.

Inventory Management

You want to sell stock now, but you also need to ensure that you have the right product, in the right place, to meet variable demand. You must have pinpoint control and visibility of your stock at all times in order to meet demand and remain competitive. Quantum VS offers extensive inventory control facilities and for companies with automated warehouse management systems (WMS) an industry standard interface is available for easy integration.

Standard features include:

  • Multiple picking zones (for products held in separate warehouses).
  • Multiple zones for bulk and pick stock.
  • Stock on order and stock due, allowing you to sell from shipping documents before stock has physically arrived.
  • Stock with third parties, allowing Added Value Operations to be sub-contracted.
  • Stock with processing, internal stock issues can be accounted for whilst work/fabrication is in progress.
  • Stock by batch received for FIFO rotation and costing. Costs may be actual or standard. Test certificates or similar documents can be cross-referenced to batches or individual items and may be viewed in SOP.
  • Stock movements traceable from receipt to issue. Stock adjustments require a reason code for management of write-offs, damage, free-of-charge issues, etc.. B I module facilitates management analysis of stock returns.
  • Stock take may be perpetual, by range or full stock count. Count sheets with variance reports for single blind stock counts. Integrated handheld scanners significantly cut down the time & effort involved with stocktaking and reduce errors.

Purchasing Management

You want to keep everything in stock that you need to meet demand, without carrying excess stock. Quantum VS manages the paper trail from start to finish - that's if you want to use paper. The software also caters for paperless delivery of purchase orders to suppliers, goods receipts and receipt of supplier invoices using the latest EDI / XML technology; Quantum VS will even automatically match invoices against goods received notes wherever possible. Invoices which fail can be matched manually.

Purchase orders may be produced based on standard reporting criteria, or sophisticated stock analysis routines generated to automatically calculate & suggest stock replenishment levels. Stock receipts are matched to originating purchase orders with support for multiple supplier deliveries, over/under delivery and product substitutions.

Supplier invoices are matched against original purchase order and goods receipts. Fully matched supplier invoices are processed with an optional debit note and a covering letter generated for disputed invoices.

Inter Branch Transfers

Inter Branch Transfers (IBTs) support multi branch operations. When producing delivery documents, the IBT process also generates an electronic image of the transfer, which is transmitted to the receiving branch and 'goods inwards' simply confirm against the electronic image.

Stock is issued at the sending branch, updated at the receiving branch and associated cost adjustments automatically processed.

POD Signature Module

Are you wasting valuable time ascertaining when and where goods were delivered? It costs time, resources and lost productivity, searching for a delivery confirmation. Delayed invoicing and difficulty collecting payments due to late or missing delivery confirmation are common. Quantum VS Proof-Of-Delivery (POD) captures real-time delivery detail to resolve these issues.

No Paperwork, No Scanning, No Dispute. The Quantum VS 'POD' module provides accurate, 'real-time' delivery information. The captured POD data is forwarded by email and documents archived for future reference.

Key Benefits

  • Optimise warehouse control and reduce processing costs.
  • Manage warehouse resources & prioritise pick requirements (with operator productivity tracking & statistical analysis).
  • Increase staff productivity through faster data entry & improved pick accuracy.
  • Improve stock accuracy and ensure that products are located in the correct place at all times.
  • Speed up goods receiving, reduce booking in errors & turn stock around for sales orders directly.
  • Improve order fulfilment rates, reduce incorrect deliveries and increase customer satisfaction.
  • POD facilitates fast recovery of delivery detail, real-time order delivery status, improved cash collection & reduced administration overheads - NO processing, re-keying or scanning of paperwork.
  • Reduce paper based records & processes.
At FSL, we constantly seek to eliminate waste within our business and bar coding helps us to achieve this objective. It has increased accuracy of stock and consequently, our order fulfilment process.

Tim Halliday
Managing Director
FSL Aerospace Ltd

ITW Construction Products has been an EDP customer for many years and when we decided to roll out a new warehouse management system (WMS), it was important that we were able to adopt the system used by our US based parent company. Although EDP has not previously worked with their solution, the Quantum WMS interface allowed us to integrate very easily and the interface project was completed in a matter of days. We were extremely impressed with the software and service provided by EDP.

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