Solution Overview

Quantum VS ERP has evolved over generations into a hugely flexible application, its easy end-user capabilities and integration with other business software making it as extensible as your business requires.

Quantum VS ERP delivers the next generation of innovative solutions, enabling merchants to respond efficiently to changing supply chain requirements. Quantum VS is designed to meet the demands of fast moving businesses, delivering data through variable, dynamic user interfaces. Discrete business functionality is packaged as 'services', enabling users to quickly roll-out new business initiatives both internally and with trading partners to build long term value. The ability to respond effectively to rapidly changing demand will soon define the successful companies of the coming decade.

Delivering Competitive Edge to Merchants and Distributors throughout the UK

  • Very flexible and easy-to-use, developed using open standards for platform independence.
  • Delivers data through variable, dynamic user interfaces.
  • Quantum VS can be deployed anytime, anywhere, combining ultimate technology with the lowest cost of ownership.

Next Generation Software

Quantum VS has been developed using open standards for platform independence, incorporating only proven and widely available technology. Whether you currently use PC's, 'thin client' terminals or browser based 'smart phones', Quantum VS will help you take your business beyond the boundaries imposed by other solutions. Quantum VS can be deployed anytime, anywhere and combines ultimate technology with the lowest cost of ownership.

The Quantum VS Product Suite:

Product Catalogue

Aid sales staff, improve customer service and leverage new channels to market. The Quantum VS Catalogue facility enables you to exploit supplier data & content to optimise service and minimise administration. The Catalogue facility integrates with both SOP and ebusiness modules.

Unified Accounts

Quantum VS Financials provides the flexibility and reporting capabilities available from only the very best ledger and finance reporting environment. The unique 'unified' ledger design offers unrivalled flexibility, ease-of-use, access to information and the functionality required from a proven, award winning solution.

Sales Enquiry Management

Busy sales desk and trade counter environments demand focused solutions. Quantum VS optimises operator efficiency by delivering intuitive, comprehensive information at point of sale, where speed and service is paramount. Quotation processing, enquiry logging, lost sales analysis and telesales performance analysis, aids productivity & customer service.
eDocument & Data Exchange

Exchange electronic documents with suppliers and customers, using multiple industry-standards, cost effectively. Data may be exchanged with other internal information systems, across any platform, to facilitate low-cost systems integration.


Add increased functionality to your website and deploy an extensible, fully scalable, integrated ebusiness solution. Exploit "publish once - sell anywhere" business techniques, to improve customer relationship management and reduce your cost of sale.
Business Intelligence

Connect every manager and decision maker to the business and its' strategy, allowing them to monitor, manage and analyse business data and business performance. Quantum VS myViewpoint empowers managers and decision makers to confidently drive business performance and ensure business agility and responsiveness is translated into customer focused service.

Inventory & Purchasing Management

You need pinpoint control and visibility of your stock at all times in order to meet demand and remain competitive. Quantum VS will help deliver improved accuracy, staff productivity and greater business process efficiency throughout the goods management process. For companies with automated warehouse management systems (WMS) an industry standard interface is available for easy integration.
Sales Intelligence

This module will help significantly improve sales effectiveness and performance. Operating in highly competitive and price sensitive markets where customer drift is common and customer loyalty low, these tools will provide an insight into your customer buying patterns, enabling you to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, recover lost customers, define effective sales strategies and win more business.


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