Product Catalogue

Merchants operating in today's highly competitive market must optimise every sales opportunity. Over dependence on 'people based knowledge' is both an increasing cost to business and a severe restriction to growth.

A company's biggest asset is its' product catalogue. Content and dynamic pricing is what differentiates you from your competitors. Yet maintaining such vast amounts of data is both a laborious and time/staff intensive operation. There is also an urgent need to consolidate and publish this information, both internally - in order to help staff deliver better customer service, and also externally - to potential eBusiness customers who demand self-service options.

Harnessing the Internet

Integrating with both SOP and e-business modules, the Quantum VS Catalogue supports established and developing business models, allowing you to link todays digital media into your catalogue. After all, the Internet is a global resource network, so why manage somebody else's information when it's available on demand, 24x7, at the click of a button?

Also, the customer experience during point of sale transactions takes on a new dimension with Quantum VS. Sales staff have access to real-time information and can also immediately identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to deliver first class customer service. Your team can now service customers better than ever before.

Internal access to rich product information

The Catalogue Tool will enhance the sales process, enabling all users to deliver excellence in customer service, regardless of experience. Your company knowledge can be built into the product catalogue, capturing and reusing unique information and freeing up experienced staff for more productive tasks. Standard product data, such as H&S and COSHH may be viewed in real-time through web services from manufacturer / supplier systems and price & availability information accessed on demand. The catalogue also provides images, web links and even movies to deliver product information and identify further selling opportunities.

External access to rich product information

For those wishing to publish their catalogue online, products may be incorporated into a Quantum VS e-business website. This will provide your customers with a wealth of information on your products and services, including on-line account management to make life convenient for them, whilst saving you both time and money. All data is integrated so there is no duplication. Information is always current and existing business rules may be applied to web orders where appropriate.

Key Benefits

  • Improved efficiency
    Navigate & find products easily. The catalogue enables products to be categorised and selected via intuitive index criteria, for example by product type or manufacturer, in fact by any classification that may be appropriate. Multiple catalogue paths may be created in order that products can be found easily, by anyone, regardless of experience.
  • Rationalise administration overheads
    Reduce maintenance by using links to readily available standard information including H&S and COSHH data, plus product & price availability detail. Maintain your data in a single, secure environment and publish 'on demand' as and when required.
  • Improve customer service
    Add rich media content, images, web links, even movies to help provide better customer service. Whether aiding your internal sales team or providing a self service facility to customers, the Quantum VS Catalogue will enhance your service, improve productivity and increase profitability.
  • Consolidate resources
    Build in your company's 'value added' information to aid staff and improve customer service. The Quantum VS Catalogue will allow you to incorporate your own data, creating 'value added' content and help establish your competitive advantage.
The Quantum Product Catalogue, helps our sales team to deliver excellent customer service at all times. The availability of rich media content and real time access to critical data, such as product specifications & COSHH information has really helped enhance the service that we provide. We will find it especially helpful in getting new and less experienced staff up to speed.

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