Sales Intelligence

Quantum VS Sales Intelligence provides you with an insight into your customers' buying patterns, enabling you to identify and exploit cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, recover lost customers, define effective sales strategies and win more business.

Directors and managers typically spend hours every day searching through data and reports from various systems to get a clear picture of the company's sales performance. Quantum SI provides a life support system to these business managers by proactively providing a company wide view of key sales performance indicators. This insight may then be used to evaluate opportunities and threats, and help define sales strategy.

Understand your customers' buying patterns

It is imperative that companies understand their customers' buying patterns so they may:

  • Identify customer drift.
  • Rectify sales issues.
  • Spot gaps.
  • Reveal common trends.

This module will enable your sales team to analyse customer buying patterns by deriving intelligence from customer, product and sales history data that is usually locked away.

By providing powerful analytical capabilities, within an easy-to use application the software will enable your sales team to identify potential issues with existing customers and at the push of a button, alert the relevant sales people to the problem.

Identify new sales opportunities with existing customers

Most companies have sales people who perform the sales 'milk round'. These sales people stay in their comfort zone, visiting their favourite customers, selling products they are familiar with and taking the regular orders.

Significant sales growth can only be achieved by proactively identifying new sales opportunities. Quantum SI enhances the way sales and marketing managers manage their customer base, helping them to identify cross-sell, up-sell, and link-sell opportunities within existing accounts based upon buying trends. Targeted marketing campaigns can be generated and managed and assigned to both field and internal sales staff.

  • Focus & manage your sales team:
    Act early to address customer drift and exploit new sales opportunities.
  • Create & manage structured campaigns:
    Armed with data explaining customer buying trends, your focused sales strategy will enable your sales team to sell more on every call!
  • Centralise information and co-ordinate your sales effort:
    Ensure that your team are 'singing from the same hymn sheet' with Quantum's effective CRM tools.
  • Extremely powerful, yet very 'user friendly':
    Drill-down analysis provides your sales team with extensive access to critical data, without requiring help from an 'I.T. expert'.
  • Consolidated sales data and a true 'point & click' environment:
    Saves valuable management time and optimises your most expensive resource.
  • Deploy anywhere:
    Uses a standard browser / smartphone technology.

The Leading Sales Solution

Quantum SI delivers sales growth through increased average order size and improved margin. Select a product and easily identify where you can effectively sell more of it, helping your company become more proactive.

  • Identify new selling opportunities.
  • Increase sales to your existing base.
  • Identify cross-sell, up-sell and link-sell opportunities.
  • Reduce customer drift and recover lost business.
  • Target higher margin products and customers.
  • Generate highly effective campaigns and promotions.
We've seen as much as a 50 to 60% increase in sales of every product we targeted.
The software has really helped to streamline our business and will play a vital role both in the success and profitability of the business in the future.

Alan Underwood
Marketing & MIS Director
Weldspares OKI

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