ViaDuct Terminal Emulator 5.2d

ViaDuct Fx - the industry leading Terminal Emulation and Multivalue Connectivity Tool.

ViaDuct Fx 5.2d is terminal emulation and connectivity software allowing you to integrate your host data and applications with your PC Windows desktop.

ViaDuct provides over 40 terminal emulations, powerful file transfer capabilities, a Data-Basic Control Language for automating procedures, intuitive Windows-based Copy and Paste functions and DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) linking.

ViaDuct's wide range of features are designed to increase your productivity. Every feature was created to work with your existing Pick applications, ensuring that all of your programs will work just like they have in the past. A vast array of terminal emulations is provided with ViaDuct for Windows, all of which offer colour capabilities, virtual windowing, and support for graphics applications.

Features include:

  • Terminal Emulation
    Choose from over 40 terminal emulation's, which offer color capabilities, virtual windowing and graphic file support.
    You can even create your own custom terminal type.
  • File Transfer
    Transfer data from your existing database into DBF, WKS, XLS, and other popular PC file formats. Also transfer data host-to-host or PC-to-PC. MVExplorer now makes file transfer even easier.
  • Windows 7 & Vista Compatible
    Runs on the latest versions of Windows including older versions: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and XP.
  • Improved Performance
    Systems resource requirements are greatly reduced. This allows you to run ViaDuct Fx and other applications with no impact on work station performance. Already providing the fastest host to PC file transfer available, ViaDuct Fx improves PC to Host file transfer speeds by a factor of up to 10.
  • MVExplorer (Drag & Drop Files)
    ViaDuct Fx's Windows Explorer-like interface allows users to drag and drop files and items from a MultiValue account into the Windows environment. Menus allow the creation of files and items on the host system, the manipulation of host system items and files, and, using ViaDuct Fx's file transfer mechanism, the movement of files between the host system and PC, while converting the data into friendly formats for target applications on the PC.
  • MVEdit
    ViaDuct Fx includes MVEdit, a Windows editor for host items, including normal data items, dictionary definitions and MultiValued items. Its MultiValue-aware grid lets the user visually display and edit common MultiValue items. MVEdit also assists in the development of Data/Basic pro-grams with its syntax completion feature.
  • Control Language
    Automate any combination of ViaDuct Fx functions, such as graphic display and mouse support, with your existing applications.
  • Copy & Paste
    Easily copy and paste text between host screen and Windows applications using the Windows Clipboard.
  • Connectivity
    Supports TCP/IP, Serial, and PicLan connectivity for all popular network configurations.
  • DDE Linking
    Create "live" DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) links between your database and DDE-capable Windows applications.
  • Download & Go
    Download and use for 30 days. After this time you will need a Serial Number and Registration Code.
  • Active Screen Technology
    The ViaDuct Fx host screen, by default, can identify a user's mouse clicks, and act on them appropriately. Click on a menu number, and that response will be sent to the waiting host program. Click on a web address, and your web browser will be opened to that site. In addition, Active Screen Technology is completely programmable from within the MultiValue environment, allowing developers to include "hot spots" that activate other Windows programs, send specific instructions to the host environment, or run any of ViaDucts control language functions. Once the Active Screen definitions have been sent to ViaDuct, they can be programmatically saved and recalled during another ViaDuct Fx session, or used across your ViaDuct Fx network.
  • TCL Wizard
    The TCL Wizard is designed to provide easier data access, and point-and-click Windows integration with your multivalue data. Answer a few, non-technical questions, and the TCL Wizard will display and print reports, transfer data, or build graphs and charts. Your queries can be saved and re-executed, or modified, at any time. The full power of your MultiValue hosts inquiry language is available through the TCL Wizard, but its questions are so carefully tailored, and clearly explained, that even a novice user can quickly produce results.
  • FTP Support
    A blazingly fast, industry-standard communication method, FTP is used to transfer data to and from Unix or Windows/NT hosts.
  • New User Interface
    The interface now includes a convenient toolbar which offers one button access to commonly used functions such as file transfer, Connection Wizard, MVExplorer, Capture, and more.
  • Visual Data/Basic & Auto GUI
    ViaDuct's Visual Data/Basic programming language has been a successful tool for countless developers, but ViaDuct Fx makes using it even simpler. Use the AutoGUI Graphical Wizard to convert Data/Basic programs into simple Visual Data/Basic programs. Or, for finer control of your user interface, run the AutoGUI converter in "Interactive" mode, and generate a custom graphical program from your existing Data/Basic routines.
  • Enhanced MVExplorer & MVEdit
    The industry's premier Windows support tools have gotten even more powerful! mvExplorer now allows you to search through your data files for desired search strings, just like the regular Windows Explorer "Find" mechanism. mvEdit now supports context-sensitive help for the documents you're editing, so you can press the help key during program development for on-line syntax information on ViaDuct's control language and Visual Data/Basic extensions.


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