ViaDuct FX FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Which databases are supported by ViaDuct Fx?
REALITY/X (4.0+)
GA R91

I am trying to connect to my database using a network connection, but I keep getting an error message stating: “Cannot connect to socket x.x.x.x [getservbyname] No record of name.". How can I connect?
ViaDuct uses the Windows 'getservbyname' function which is not resolving the service name from the services file, this is a Windows XP problem. As a workaround enter “:23” for the port number in the communications setup. Eg “socket”.

I am using ViaDuct fx 5.0 or 5.0a with a serial connection to my database. After connecting I keep locking up, and nothing is working right. What do I do?
ViaDuct 5.0 (fx) users with serial connections and certain terminal types (notably Viewpoint) may experience "lock ups" if they choose xon/xoff flow control. The possible solutions include:

  • disabling flow control;
  • changing flow control to hardware rather than xon/xoff;
  • changing terminal types (to Wyse/Addsvp, or Wyse 50, or one of the VT emulations) if possible
The upgrade ViaDuct fx 5.2a will resolve this.

I am trying to connect to my UniVerse (or UniData) database, but I keep getting an error message stating: tnet.exe Exception: access violation. How can I connect?
Certain versions of UniData and UniVerse on Windows platforms generate an error (with TNET.EXE) when ViaDuct -fx- attempts to connect to the system. This appears to be related to a conflict between versions of the U2 enterprise licensing DLL. Solution: rename the u2licn.dll located in the ViaDuct -fx- installation directory to "u2licn.sav", and reboot the PC. ViaDuct -fx- should now connect without generating this error.

If I get up and leave my ViaDuct session running when I come back there is an error message on my screen telling me that I lost my connection and I will have to select reset to re-connect. How can I keep my connection alive?
ViaDuct fx allows you to set up your connection to the host so that ViaDuct will keep the connection alive even if the MultiValue host has a timeout set to disconnect idle connections (note this does not refer to the "auto-logoff" feature on some multivalue hosts; rather, it is a host tcp/ip setting). Under menu item Setup: Communications, in the Special setup box, insert the "keep-alive" code "@x" after the Socket and IP address (or host name). For the x substitute a number (like 7) which would mean that every 7 minutes ViaDuct will check the connection and "keep it alive". For example, you might therefore change an entry in the Special setup box that currently reads "SOCKET" to "SOCKET @10" to issue a "keep alive" every 10 minutes.

I have installed ViaDuct fx using the network installation choice. But now when I go to the file folder that ViaDuct is installed in on my server I can't find the file wssetup.exe to do my workstation installation. How do I install a ViaDuct workstation?
The file wssetup.exe was the name of the workstation setup file for older versions of ViaDuct. In the new fx version of ViaDuct the name of the file to setup a workstation is setup.exe.

I have an older version of ViaDuct, will ViaDuct fx damage the previous installation?
The answer depends on how old the version is that is installed.  If the version number is less than 4.0 you should have no difficulties running both versions at the same time.  If the version number is 4.0 or higher ViaDuct may detect your previous installation information, and set the default installation directory to that same directory .  (c:\viadct32)  If you wish to use both your previous ViaDuct, and ViaDuct fx, at the same time, it is recommended that ViaDuct fx is installed in a different directory.

Will ViaDuct fx work with Windows 7, Vista and XP?
ViaDuct fx 5.2a works on the above as well as previous Windows versions.

After installing ViaDuct and running it for the first time I get a "-9" or" -9a" error, what does this mean?
This error normally indicates that ViaDuct has been installed as the wrong type.  (Professional, Network, Standard) Compare the information in the ViaDuct "Registration Manager" with the information provided on the pink sheet of paper that came with the cd.  If ViaDuct was installed as the wrong type, simply un-install ViaDuct and then reinstall it selecting the correct type.

After installing ViaDuct and running it for the first time I get a "Runtime Error -6" or "Runtime Error -5"
This error is cause by virus protection running during the installation of ViaDuct. Un-install ViaDuct, reboot the machine, turn off virus protection, install ViaDuct, reboot, and turn virus protection on. This normally happens with McCaffee Virus Scan.

When setting up my serial connection to the host, the comm port that is connected to my host is greyed out in the "Connection" box.  How do I change this?
This problem can be caused by multiple things.  One of the easiest methods to resolve the issue is by using a paperclip test.   This issue can involve conflicts between devices in Windows or a device that has the port already in use. If the comm port has a TAPI modem connected to it, you may be able to "share" the port with another application if you choose a "MODEM"-type connection.

When I click the setup icon on the ViaDuct CD or from run setup from a "Run" prompt, I get an error stating that the "_setup.dll" or "_inst32…" file cannot be found.
This error occurs very infrequently and is due to an incompatibility between the latest version of InstallShield and some cd rom drives.  At this time there is no patch available. The workarounds are as follows.

  • If on a network, share the cd drive of another computer and install it over the network.
  • If on a network, copy the contents of the cd to the computer with the conflicting CD drive.
  • Internet access available, download the evaluation copy of ViaDuct from our website and use the serial number and registration number that you were sent with your copy of ViaDuct.
  • No network or internet access, copy the ViaDuct program to a larger capacity media and install it from the other media.


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